Payment Protection

Anytime you pay in advance for something you purchase on the Internet, you take a chance. People can forge their identities. They can misrepresent what they are offering. And even with the best of intentions, some people are just plain irresponsible. That is why Meet Market Makers found it important to reduce online transaction risks by embedding automated email communication exclusively between Meet Market Makers and its registered users, as well as offering free deposit holding account services for payment settlement to the website services.

Deposit holding account services offers our users ultimate transaction protection because payment settlement takes place only when the buyer is completely satisfied with the transaction, after having inspected the quantity, quality, or authenticity of the underlying transaction and/or performed a due diligence check to validate the seller’s online representation(s) and disclosure(s) are true. The deposit holding account service together with automated email communication is like having an insurance policy that protects you against fraud, deception, and irresponsibility.

All card or bank payment transactions executed on the site are free of charge.