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Meet Market Makers is a location-based market exchange for individuals and businesses to promote and market Services, Products and Jobs.

We enable people to transact in an open market to pursue financial independence without the burden of hidden fees, payment processing or purchase protection charges. Content is arranged in multilevel category directories to facilitate fast and easy access to the offered or wanted listings, as well as to grant users on-the-fly communication with the listing party via an autonomous email system. Registered users are able to express interest, make an offer, accept or counter an offer, participate in auction bidding, and complete secure payment transactions for free.

In summary, we work hand in hand with individuals and businesses to help them gain greater visibility and unlock their full marketability in or outside their geography so they can develop productive interactions and vibrant transactions leading to a better quality of life for themselves and each other. Our goal is to put unique talents, expertise and commerce to work in communities, and enrich lives in the process.

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